What Are People Saying about Jasmina?

Jasmina has both extraordinary skills and an extraordinary personal story to explain her success with the HeartMath approach to healing. One of the most frequent problems I see in this adrenalin-driven society is the need for people to find methods to balance their autonomic nervous system and lower adrenalin. HeartMath is a proven and successful approach to this problem. It is not a gimick or a placebo. The science is there. However it takes a skilled HeartMath specialist to help you get the most out of this approach. Jasmina is such a specialist. Her long experience with meditation and her skill in helping people to use HeartMath without becoming their guru or therapist makes her the perfect partner in your journey to health.

Bethany M. Hays, MD, F.A.C.O.G

Medical Director, True North Healthcenter, Falmouth, Maine

Jasmina is a gifted practitioner who has transformed her own life through the power of HeartMath. She generously shares and her talents and her experiences with her clients to help them to find their own heart-centered balance in a turbulent world.

Evelyn Rysdyk

Shamanic teacher/healer and author Modern Shamanic Living

I have found the HeartMath method with Jasmina’s caring and skillful guidance to be an invaluable tool in helping me to manage stress and anxiety problems due to brain cancer. I was taught simple techniques that would help deal with the daily stresses with ease and clarity. These simple techniques will be with me the rest of my life!


Before I knew about HeartMath, I would tell myself “just relax” during blood pressure readings of 156/100. After I learned a HeartMath technique from Jasmina, I used that at my next appointment during my blood pressure reading, and it was 120/72.


51 year old schoolteacher from Maine

Over the years, I had tried the regimen of anti-depressants and psychologists, and while those might have had temporary benefit, I always seemed to slide back into my old habits of self-recrimination, self-doubt, and yes, self-loathing. Depression was the inevitable result. Jasmina expertly guided me on what was a difficult path of learning and re-training myself, but one, once learned, has made significant differences every day of my life since.

Tom J.

M.S. survivor

I have been an Etheric Healer for 14 years. Jasmina is a Healers “Healer!” After I lifted something that was really way too heavy for me, I began having some acute neck pain and balance problems. I went to a chiropractor twice, which helped but did not remedy the problem, the pain returned. After one session with Jasmina my neck pain disappeared and never returned. I feel grounded and more connected to God! Jasmina is an Outstanding Healer! She is authentic and thinks from the heart! Jasmina has my highest recommendation!

Myra Allen

Retired Art Department Chair Vietnam era Veteran, W.A.F.

Using the HeartMath techniques I am able to be more attentive for longer periods of time. I have the ability to remember many more things than I had before. It has helped me through many projects I might not have been able to accomplish. My TBI has been hard to deal with but I have been able to heal in a much more calm and peaceful body than before the techniques.

Police Officer

- recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury

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