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In writing my recent book, Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart (kindle) or Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart, (Paperback) I discuss many topics including spiritual growth, traumatic brain injury, and healing.

Here’s an excerpt:

I went home from South America in April 2009 feeling healed of the tumor and ready to attract the beloved who was out there somewhere. Before I left, I was told by the master healer’s guides to expect the blessing of finding my beloved mate anytime after returning to Maine.

Three weeks later, I received e-mail from E-Harmony online dating service. I have never gotten one before. At first I thought, No way. Then I thought. Well, maybe God is giving me an opportunity to meet my beloved. Since I didn’t know where my beloved was, I intuitively knew he was not in Maine; I decided to cast my anchor to the world. Sure enough, things started to move in that direction.

If any of you folks do online dating—I advise you to be honest about who you are and what you want. There is someone for everyone out there. I wanted to share my spiritual values with a similar partner. I had many matches but I knew in my heart he was the one when I saw his photo, along with the honesty and integrity in the answers to my questions. I felt the kind, healing energy in his eyes asking me to reach out to him.

Read more: Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart (kindle) or Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart (Paperback).


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