Mini & Full Guidance Sessions

Mini Guidance Sessions

Full Guidance SessionsNeed an immediate course of action? Need to de-stress quickly, receive some healing light energy and get back on the go?

Give Jasmina five minutes and with her distance healing tools she will help you find the answer, and get you back to your calm and purposed center.

Be prepared to explain your issue quickly, precisely, so your time can best be served for you to get maximum value and answers. Jasmina has a large Energy Healing and Our Miracle Heart coaching toolbox from which to support you!

Mini sessions with Jasmina are my go-to solution when I don’t have a lot of time but I need to get clear in my thoughts and emotions. Jasmina gives me techniques to help me identify what’s up for me and apply my intuition to find solutions. We work together because she also offers her insight and intuition. In a half hour I’m on my way with new perspective and focus and renewed energy.

~ J. R., Los Angeles, Ca.

Distance Healing with Jasmina’s Sessions are available by phone and Skype.

These extra laser healing/ guidance techniques sessions are available in a:

  • 15-minute quick de-stress, find some answers
  • 30-minute more in depth guidance/healing

 Jasmina will contact you with available dates and times when she receives payment.


Full Guidance Sessions

Take a deep dive into what is bothering you! Have a deeper experience of healing and clearing of what is holding you back in this moment, so that you can affirm what you really need to move forward today. Let Jasmina’s intuitive gifts, years of life coaching be focused to help you find a way to a better place. –Whether it be in your health, relationship, performance, or other life situation. Let her large Energy Healing and Miracle Heart Coaching toolbox be used to help you gain clarity and an action plan that will move your life forward.

To prepare for your deep dive into the session come prepared with the specific issues you would like her to address and a goal to find out why your life is not what you want it to be and what you would like it to be.

Jasmina’s full guidance sessions are available by phone, Skype, and in person at office locations, or in your home.

You can experience her guidance sessions the following ways:

  • 30-minute de-stress, find some answers
  • 45-minute deep dive guidance session
  • 60-minute deep dive guidance session

Jasmina will contact you with available dates and times when she receives payment.

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“It is a joy for me to be of support to you–to help you take the next life step forward.”

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