Energy Healing

Are your experiencing aches and pains, physical limitations, a sense of your body not operating at its peak? Then consider giving yourself over to one of Jasmina’s acclaimed Energy Healing sessions for a blissful “restorative energy tune-up.”

Energy healing is a completely natural channeling of Divine Light Energy, shared peacefully with you through Jasmina’s caring hands. Complementing traditional (see Scientific Proof News Article below) approaches to everyday health, energy healing can be used for any stress, illness, or injury. Energy Healing maximizes your body’s innate ability to heal itself! Jasmina brings to her sessions with clients, a synthesis of energy healing techniques, including guided visualizations/meditations/pranayama and spiritual guidance. Her Healing sessions can help:

  • Balance body & promote harmony on all levels with Chakra balancing and clearing through hands on and distance healing
  • Promote relaxation, & a deep inner peace
  • Reduce pain
  • Quicken recovery
  • Minimize the side effects of drugs,
  • Enhance all aspects of health–physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual
  • Deepen the connection to inner guidance


Myra Allen, Retired Art Department Chair Vietnam era Veteran, W.A.F. praises Jasmina’s healing sessions: “I have been an Etheric Healer for 14 years. Jasmina is a Healers “Healer!” After I lifted something that was really way too heavy for me, I began having some acute neck pain and balance problems. I went to a chiropractor twice, which helped but did not remedy the problem, the pain returned. After one session with Jasmina my neck pain disappeared and never returned. I feel grounded and more connected to God! Jasmina is an Outstanding Healer! She is authentic and thinks from the heart! Jasmina has my highest recommendation!

Energy healing is non-religious and you are treated with compassion, non-judgement, confidentiality, and honesty. As millions around the world can testify, Energy Healing works! All that is required is being open to a new, life-fulfilling experience.


Jasmina’s energy healing are available by phone, Skype, and in person** at office locations, or in your home.

You can experience Jasmina’s acclaimed Divine Light energy healing sessions in a:

  • 15-minute energy tune-up
  • 30-minute more in depth healing
  • 45-minute ultimate healing/guidance experience
  • 60-minute ultimate healing/guidance experience

Jasmina will contact you with available dates and times when she receives payment.

**A 60 minute session is required for in person travel to office and home locations in the Los Angeles area.

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Scientific Proof For Hands-On-Healing


The Hartford Courant reports that “University of Connecticut researcher and department of surgery Professor Gloria Gronowicz recently led a study in which Therapeutic Touch, performed by trained energy healers, significantly stimulated the growth of bone and tendon cells in lab dishes. To Gronowicz’s astonishment, the cells treated by trained Therapeutic Touch practitioners grew faster and stronger than those that received no treatment at all:’

The experiment was designed to rule out the placebo effect by performing the healing to
simple cells.

The results, recently published in two scientific journals, provide novel evidence that there may be a powerful energy field that, when channeled through human hands, can influence the course of events at a cellular level.

“What she’s showing is an association that defies explanation with what we currently know;’ said Margaret A. Chesney, a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland.

Gronowicz and others said more studies are needed to figure out how and why Therapeutic Touch seems to stimulate cell growth – and if the findings can be applied to patient care.

Through history and across cultures, spiritual healers have long believed that the laying on of hands could cure disease and relieve pain. In the last 30 years or so, many forms of energy healing sometimes called Reiki, Qigong, Therapeutic Touch, or Healing Touch have found their way into hospitals and other clinical settings.

Still, it is often derided as hocus-pocus, although some medical practitioners have come to accept it as a harmless diversion that, if nothing else, might relieve stress.

Even when early studies showed some evidence of healing in patients treated with energy therapies, it was impossible to say whether the improvement was a result of the touch. More likely, critics suggested, the nurturing therapy simply improved the patient’s frame of mind, promoting a healing response.

Gronowicz was in the doubting camp.

She had spent her career studying the biology of bone cells. Her work with hormones, growth factors and tissue engineering has shed light on the very elements of bone – a slow, sometimes tedious effort she hopes might someday help doctors find treatments for crippling diseases.

But when a colleague asked her to collaborate on an experiment looking into the power of Therapeutic Touch, she was curious. As a full professor in the department of surgery, with tenure and respect, Gronowicz had the stature to dabble in an endeavor that some of her scientific colleagues might criticize as a fool’s errand.

“If I was just starting out, it would be the end of my career;’ Gronowicz said.

She applied for a National Institutes of Health grant to fund an experiment designed to isolate the mind/body conundrum from the question of energy healing by applying Therapeutic Touch techniques to presumably inanimate bone cells cultured in an

At first, even the NIH’s branch that funds research in alternative and complementary medicine turned her down. Eventually, she received $250,000 for her study.

Then, over the course of three years, Healing practitioners arrived at the lab twice a week, cleared their minds and, for 10 minutes at a time, held their hands a few inches from cell-filled plastic lab dishes that were clamped in a metal stand.

“I remember going in and thinking, ‘How am I going to direct compassion and healing to a petri dish?’” said Holly Major, a nurse and Therapeutic Touch practitioner at Griffin Hospital in Derby, who worked on the study.

The laboratory environment was foreign to Healer Libbe W. Clarke,who usually practices in her Rocky Hill living room, where clients rest on a massage table surrounded by Native American artifacts in the dim glow of lightly scented candles.

“I said, ‘I’ve got no body that’s at least 5 feet long, I’ve got this little dish;” Clarke said. “But my mind said to me [that] this is a living thing. It was almost like I was working on a patient. It felt the same:’

To put Healing to the test, cell cultures were divided into three groups.

One dish of cells was treated by a trained healer. A second set of cells was treated by untrained students who were instructed to hold their hands over a petri dish for 10 minutes twice a week. A third dish of cells stood ignored in its metal stand.

After the treatment, the dishes were returned to an incubator. Scientists who later examined the cells under the microscope didn’t know which group each dish had been in.

To Gronowicz’s astonishment, the cells treated by trained Healers grew faster and stronger than those that received the sham treatment, or none at all.

“Therapeutic Touch stimulated growth in bone, tendon and skin cells at statistically significant rates;’ Gronowicz said.

She tested the cells using several different biological markers for growth, and each test confirmed her finding. In one test, Gronowicz found that cells treated with Healing grew at double the rate of untreated cells.

In addition to seeing increased cell division under the microscope, the bone cell cultures treated with Healing also absorbed more calcium, the essential mineral for growing strong bones. Her findings were published in the Journal of Orthopedic Research and The “Alternative and Complementary Medicine” journal.

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