Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart

A Real Life Modern Day Odyssey Beyond Near Death…

Jasmina's Book: Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My HeartJasmina Agrillo Scherr uses the experiences of her life to draw upon a living, breathing quantum reality, which she refers to as “Heart Time” to transform trauma, illness, near death and divorce to find identity, meaning, healing and love.  Along the way, she answers the questions: As a human being what is my relationship to quantum consciousness?  Where is it? How can we use it?


At the outset, Jasmina, guides the reader to tap into the quantum experience to uncover their soul secrets throughout her multi-dimensional healing journey.  From the ancestral shores of Sicily, to New England, India, South America, and California, the transformation to the next level of consciousness unfolds.  Along the way, doubts prevail, wrong turns taken, and fears faced, as the author learns to trust what the heart feels and quantum reality knows. 

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What Readers Are Saying

This book is amazing! It must be working its magic because as I am reading I am re-living my life and seeing it in a new way — the gift of who I really am. My soul’s talking to me!

Kate Harkins Style Editor

The healing is compelling; the book does something.


Jasmina is available to share this experience, In speaking engagements, workshops, and private consultations.


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Reviews for Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart

What Are People Saying About the Book?

Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart by Jasmina Agrillo Scherr is a powerful story of the author’s spiritual transformation and growth through extraordinary challenges. Jasmina’s story can best be described by the mantra, Om gam ganapataye namaha– a call for the Divine and the energy of transmutation to help move through life’s obstacles. Her book is an encouraging testament to how the powers of love, compassion and fortitude can bring us through anything that life can place in our path.

Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Shaman Teacher/Healer

I was deeply touched and inspired. It is an exceptional gift to find a being who is conscious enough to be aware of their spiritual journey, courageous enough to share the experiences, and wise enough to understand the heart’s amazing role. With clarity and power Jasmina gives each of us a glimpse into the magnificence of our spiritual self and new meaning to the struggles in our lives.

David McArther

coauthor The Intelligent Heart

In one of the last chapters of Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart, Jasmina shares the insight: “One of our greatest challenges is this: We must develop the will to notice when we are not in the frequency bands of love. Ah. That is the practice.”

This profound message is at the heart of this book and Jasmina’s story is one of always returning to this foundation. You feel her love for a life that is often complex and trying and yet in every case she “notices” the mis-alignments and returns to an “inner sanctum” of love that has no end.

Jasmina’s drive to know herself through experience is compelling and a guide we should all emulate. Under the most daunting circumstances (brain surgery) she moves on relentlessly, devouring what ever comes with grace, compassion and most of all love. This book moved me and I am grateful.

Carl Bozeman

author of On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose

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