In writing my recent book, Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart (kindle) or Mirror Of My Soul, Sanctum Of My Heart (Paperback), I discuss many topics including spiritual growth, traumatic brain injury, and healing.

Here’s an excerpt:

Soul MirrorBy now, I felt the full force of the negative thought form. It unhinged me. I broke down. Then I relived the memory. I was in the body of an early American settler—a young woman in simple pioneer dress. I perched on a high bluff—and jumped backwards over the cliff—my arms outstretched like wings—my long, light brown hair flying out around me. Upon impact on the rocky ground, my spirit left my body and I went up into the sky! I later researched the suicide phenomenon of early American women settlers. The numbers are approximately three thousand women took their lives, jumping down wells and over cliffs. Life was that harsh. Sometimes, we have no choice. Although in future life, we have to deal with the repercussions of the thought form tendency.

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