Behind the Scenes of Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart: Chapter 27: It Happens From my hospital bed at Maine Medial Center, March 4, 2001, awaiting brain tumor surgery on March 5.  I have signed off on everything now, the necessary legal papers—I did not want to...

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Down Deep

Oh where oh where did the author go oh where oh where did she go? Way down deep, where the waters of life make a river upstream. So what makes an author anyway? Even if we never get published? My ten year old desire to be a published author went underground.  Not my...

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The Call

Is there a writer inside you? It wasn’t exactly like I woke up one day knowing I wanted to be an author.  My earliest memory of the call came when I was ten years old in the fifth grade of school, during Christmas break in January 1966.  Out of the boredom of a cold...

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