Welcome! I am so glad you are here. It is my joy and passion to support you to live the miracle of your heart & soul connection. Whatever the challenge may be in your health, relationship, performance, or other life situation, my soul healing intuitive gifts, all my services, products and years of life coaching in the Los Angeles area are at your service to support you to live your best life wherever you may live. Now is the time to answer the call. Your love, your gifts and talents are so needed to serve humanity in this time of transition and upheaval. I look forward to meeting you.

In Joy, Peace & Service,

Jasmina Agrillo Scherr

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Mini & Full Guidance Sessions

Soul Healing Blessings

Energy Healing Sessions

Soul Healing Blessings - Infinity Symbol - starburst

CUTV News Radio interview with Jasmina Agrillo by Doug Llewelyn

by Jasmina Agrillo | Interviewed by Doug Llewelyn

Mini & Full Guidance/Healing Single Sessions

Now Available Remotely or in Person in Los Angeles
Guidance Sessions

Mini & Full Guidance Sessions

Need an immediate course of action? Need to de-stress quickly, receive some intuitive guidance and get back on the go?

Give Jasmina five minutes and with her distance healing guidance tools she will help you find the answer, and get you back to your calm and purposed center.

Or take a deep dive into what is bothering you! In a full guidance session with Jasmina have  a deeper experience of healing and clearing of what is holding you back in this moment, so that you can affirm what you really need to move forward today.

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Soul Healing Blessings - Jasmina Agrillo Scherr

Soul Healing Blessings

Do you struggle with anger, depression, anxiety, or grief? Do you have relationship challenges or financial concerns?

Experience the power of Divine Healing Hands and Tao Source Calligraphy to heal, prevent illness, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform all aspects of life including business, finances, and relationships.

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Energy Healing

Imagine healing enery pulsing into your body from healing hands!  Imagine how great it would feel to enhance all aspects of  your health–physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. Acclaimed healer, Jasmina, will take your healing to a new level…

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Coaching Programs

Now Available

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Resilience Training

Resilience Training

When life gets you down you need to discover your inner resources! Learn more about Jasmina’s Resilience Training.

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Transform Anxiety

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Worried? Don’t live like this any longer! Let Jasmina show you how to transform your anxiety.

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Divorce Recovery - Jasmina Agrill Scherr

Heart-Based Divorce Recovery

Life isn’t meant to be lived with anger, bitterness and the grief that comes with divorce. Find out how to let go and live fully engaged whether you are alone or looking for a new love!

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Coaching - Jasmina Agrillo Scherr

Miracle Heart Coaching

Discover how to get in tune with your heart to open the dialogue with your higher self. Rise to a new plane of consciousness with Jasmina’s Miracle Heart Coaching.

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Cosmic Heart Resonance Technique TM

The Cosmic Heart Resonance Technique (TM)

Learn a new practice to deepen your connection to spirit and access the laser guidance to heal and grow!

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Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart

About the Book
Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart An International Odyssey Offers Healing and Wonder!

Jasmina’s new book is a spiritual memoir and inspiring treatise on how heart-resonance, intuition and resilience can get you past the tough times and into the thrive times! Filled with mystical experiences that kept guiding her forward, she relays the astonishing visions, dreams and guidance that opened for her–even long before this grandchild of Italian immigrants elected to follow her wandering soul to India to become a disciple of a leading spiritual guru. Throughout her book, her healing is now our healing, as she provides the wisdom and inspiration to be in one’s heart, looking for inner truth…

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As Seen On

Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart - Book Cover
Mirror of My Soul Sanctum of My Heart - Book Cover

Guided Meditation Audio's

Now Available

Within each of us is an aspect of our consciousness–our divine inner light that directly connects to universal source energy and can directly guide us in any and all situations. In this extraordinary, healing, and life-changing experience, Jasmina, guides you to go deeply within to meet your inner light self and to directly ask and receive guidance on any issue you choose. Listen to a sample of the Guided Meditation on “Receiving Intuitive Guidance

Receive Intuitive Guidance from Your Divine Inner Light

by Jasmina Agrillo Scherr | Receiving Intuitive Guidance

In this guided meditation you will take a special walk along the path through the enchanted forest of peace to meet with St. Francis in his grotto in Assisi. There he will take you into his sacred heart of unconditional love where you shall experience the profound miracle of being who you truly are. Listen to samples of the Guided Meditation from the “Sacred Heart of St. Francis”.

Sacred Heart of St. Francis

by Jasmina Agrillo Scherr | Sacred Heart of St. Francis

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